My 10 best things to do in Malta

First of all, let me give you one advice for the best things to do in Malta: if you go to the recommended places, please go EARLY! Malta is already very crowded. So if you want to visit some of the attractions and sightseeing locations, get up very early to be the first ones there! Otherwise, you maybe won’t enjoy.

1️⃣ visit the capital Valetta (unesco) ?

Valetta is such a beautiful city. It somehow reminds me of a Croatian city a bit, but most of all I can say it’s a perfect mediterranean city. Since there are many cruiseships visiting the harbour of Valetta, you should go early as always to explore!

It it just so impressive. You can walk around the market places, the shopping streets, the tiny more local streets, eat delicious food and simply have a really good day. Did I mention it has so beautiful photo spots too? Very instagrammable by the way!

2️⃣ have an airbnb with private pool ?

Okay, so in Malta there are so many great hotels, hostels and everything. Honestly, you can easily chose an airbnb because there are plenty unique ones! There are designer apartments, villas with rooftop lounges, penthouses with seaview, but also very cheap comfortable private rooms with a pool to share. But I have to admit that the best airbnbs can be found on the small neighbouring island Gozo!


3️⃣ boat cruise through Blue Grotto ?

First of all, the way to Blue Grotto is already worth some stopovers! You can do it like us, because the most important thing in our Malta adventure was to stop everywhere, enjoy the scenery and take some photos. Malta is so scenic and I couldn’t understand at all how people could think it’s NOT impressive. So have a look and decide for yourself.

For example from a viewpoint stop which is about 1km before reaching the entrance to Blue Grotto, you get this breathtaking view:

When you drive down to the entrance, you have to park the car, buy a ticket and wait until it’s your turn to jump on one of the small boats! As I love boat life anyway I had no problem with it, but be warned that it can be scary with many people on a small boat when the waves are shaky. So now you’re prepared as you know this and can go on the boat cruise through the beautiful caves. Azure waters and colourful rocks nearly brought me to tears – mother nature you are amazing! Isn’t this one of the absolute best things to do in Malta??!


4️⃣ visit the medieval old town Mdina

Mdina is a beautiful historic old town in Malta. It’s located on a hill which belongs to the Dingli Cliffs and is so worth a visit! There are so many medieval alleys and houses, colourful doors and balconies as well as the impressive St. Paul’s cathedral. By the way if you walk until the end, you’ll reach a nice viewpoint over the island.

5️⃣ jump into St. Peter‘s Pool ?

St. Peter’s Pool is very popular in Malta. Throughout the day, it is full of people. We recommend to go there early in the morning as always, or it’s also a nice spot for sunset in the evening. You can do cliff jumping here as well as just hang out in a cool place with cool people and sometimes good music. If you search for a quiet paradise, I’m sorry but then you’re wrong here!

St. Peter's Pool

#LEAVELIKEME: It wouldn’t be me if I didn’t have a secret spot for you. So, if you are able to, just go around the main pool on the left side, until you reach higher rocks. If you can manage to climb up there somehow, you will be rewarded! Because after the main pool, you can find a plateau with so many small natural pools! By the way if you walk further ahead, you’ll find this cool place to cliff jump without too many other people:

6️⃣ visit quiet Gozo to relax a few days ??‍♀️

I already loved Malta very much, but when I was in Gozo, I fell totally in love. It’s such a tiny chill island with no party on it and it’s far less crowded than Malta itself. So any blogpost about the best things to do in Malta wouldn’t be complete, if I wouldn’t mention Gozo! To reach Gozo, you need to take the bus to the ferry terminal in Cirkewwa and take the ferry to Gozo. We really enjoyed the ride because we were relaxing in the sun on top of the ferry.

When you reach Gozo ferry terminal, just take a Cab or rent a scooter. As I already mentioned, you can find stunning airbnbs here in Gozo. Also there are some attractions like the azure window (that fell down some years ago) and the beautiful deep blue natural pool in front of it, as well as the Sanap Cliffs, some old ruins and temples, Ramla bay and Xlendi bay, etc.

Gozo island

7️⃣ rent a scooter to discover whole Gozo ?

Gozo is so small, it’s possible to drive all around the island in one day. If you rent a scooter, you can explore all the hidden gems in Gozo. Look what we found when we were driving around near Hondoq bay:

Hondoq bay

Hondoq Bay

Secret bay behind Hondoq bay


Some old ruins

Secret spots in Malta

8️⃣ head to Sanap Cliffs for sunset

Sanap Cliffs are also located on Gozo. For us, Sanap Cliffs were even more fascinating than the popular Dingli Cliffs on Malta, because Sanap Cliffs are so steep and you stand directly in front of the 120 metres descent into the ocean! It’s so frightening, you better be careful and don’t go too close to the edge (I’m standing way too close in the pictures because I’m stupid sometimes – please don’t do it). This spot is where you can have the best sunset in Gozo! So pack some picnic into your bags and drive here with the scooter for sunset!

Cliffs Malta

9️⃣ visit Comino Blue Lagoon ? EARLY ⏰

I told you to be early in all the above places. But please, it’s most important at this one. Otherwise it will be so crowded and you won’t enjoy! So Comino Blue Lagoon is probably the most turquoise water in Malta and Gozo. In fact, Comino is a tiny island between the two of them, so you can reach it from both islands. There are shops, bars, toilets and everything you’ll need. You can also do some water fun there. Come to Comino early, and just enjoy the beautiful water and scenery!

Comino Blue Lagoon

? party in Gianpula Village or San Ġiljan ?????

Last but not least, for those of you who love to party! In Malta there are two famous locations to party. In San Ġiljan, in english St. Julian’s, which is a district right next to Valetta, there are a lot of pubs, bars, shisha bars and some discos. On the other hand, you can go to Gianpula Village which is close to Mdina (take a cab!). We loved Gianpula Village to party because it was like Spring break in Croatia – omg! So many different clubs with different music, for every taste! Our favorite was the main disco with a pool and a huge DJ stage. It was a cool night, I hope you don’t mind I won’t show you pictures in this case. Hehe. Enjoy!

+++ drink CISK ? +++

And finally, as an addition, the most important recommendation: not sure if you believe it or not, but we didn’t go one day without drinking at least one cisk, haha! (Only when we weren’t driving the scooter of course) Cisk is the most popular beer on Malta, so you will find it in every shop. A day at the beach without cisk? Is this even possible? Please try it and leave a comment if you liked it!

If you enjoyed my blogpost 10 BEST THINGS TO DO IN MALTA, please leave a comment and also read my blogpost with general informations about Malta.



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  1. Hubert
    September 29, 2019 / 9:29 pm

    Wow! ? After reading your blog I felt like I experienced MALTA, So great and exciting…
    Excited to visit, this is one of the beautiful place you have ever shown us…
    Thanks a lot for sharing…

    Highly impressed with your blog?

    • samyleaves
      September 29, 2019 / 10:50 pm

      Thanks so much Hubert! So happy I could show you such a beautiful place ?

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