8 things to know about Wadi Rum, Jordan

1. Choose the right camp in advance

There are around 50 camps in the Wadi Rum. In High Season, you should definitely book it in advance, because most of the camps are very small and don‘t own many tents! You can find them on booking.com or just google it 🙂 I was in the arabian nights bedouin camp Wadi Rum and I think it‘s pretty good especially for backpackers, but it‘s also nice for everyone else – the people there are very friendly and the food is excellent!

2. Do the full day tour

Do the full day tour! Half of the day is simply not enough, believe me! There are several camps who offer you a package price for everything. We payed 125JD (~155€) for accommodation, dinner and breakfast, and the full day jeep tour including water. If you book the full day tour individually, the price will be around 40-60JD.

3. Don’t do only the tourist spots of Wadi Rum

So the guides will lead you to the tourist spots. There are 8 or 9, where every guide has to lead his guests. Don‘t get me wrong, those are impressive attractions. You should let him show you the best ones. A large orange dune, a beautiful canyon, the rock windows – they are great. BUT there are breathtaking views around every corner of Wadi Rum! So if your guide knows english, ask him to bring you to some less crowded places after lunch. Ours did it and I can tell you it was even better than the large attractions! Discovering the silence and the views of this mountain desert. It was THE BEST!

Wadi Rum, Jordan

4. LET your guide COOK LUNCH in the desert

PLEASE let your guide cook you some lunch! When we arrived in the Wadi Rum village to start the full day tour, were asked if we wanted a lunch box for 5JD each, or cooking in the desert for 10JD each. I‘m so glad we decided to try the cooking! While our guide was cooking lunch for us in a lonely tent somewhere in the Wadi Rum, we strolled around a few corners. When we came back, he served the lunch for us and I can tell you it was AMAZING! It was some kind of Eintopf, bread, hummus and salad.

5. Try dinner out of the earth

You have to eat dinner in the camp and try their meat from out of the earth! Yes you heard right, they are cooking their meat under the earth! And it tastes so delicious! Please try it at least once 🙂 (I don‘t know if all the camps do it)

6. Take enough cash with you

So you can pay cash in the end. JDs would be the best. They have no ATM in the Wadi Rum village. At least I saw none. But you can pay with JD and even Euro! Maybe also dollar, but better ask before you go there! Alternatively, you can also ask your camp for a link to buy with credit card in advance.

7. Take a warm pyjama with you

The nights become freeeezing cold! Take a warm pyjama with you or at least comfortable long trousers & a hoodie! I used two blankets, luckily they kept me warm (they know how to prepare the beds so you‘re not freezing, but in addition, put something warm on, please)

8. Learn to shower cold 😉

Most of the camps don‘t have warm water – so if you can’t handle a cold shower (like me :D) better plann your journey clever! I left Wadi Rum after breakfast, and when I arrived in the hotel in Petra by taxi 2 hours later, first of all: I took a warm shower 😉

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