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So you’d like to visit Petra in Jordan? You are in the right place! I give you all the advice I know and also if you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact me 🙂 or samyleaves on Instagram.

The Jordan pass

At the beginning of every blogpost about Jordan, I highly recommend you to buy the Jordan Pass! You save so much money if you have it. You don‘t need to pay Visa if you spend more than 3 nights in Jordan PLUS you also don‘t have to pay entrance fee in over 40 attractions (Petra, Wadi Rum,…).

You can get it here:

But you have to know that you or someone who can help you needs a credit card with Secure method (like with a Mastercard: MasterSecureCode)

How to get TO PETRA

So you‘d like to go to the ancient city of Petra? There are busses from Amman, Wadi Rum or Aqaba leaving to Petra every day. I will add a timetable here! I think they all cost between 10-15JD one way, maybe around 20JD return and take some hours to get there. So you better plann to spend the first day using the bus, checking in into the hotel and exploring the town – please take one night there and use the next day for entering Petra early in the morning!

We went to Petra by bus from Wadi Rum and spend the evening in the town. On the second day, we explored Petra from 7am-1pm and took the bus to Amman.

The town and where to sleep

Some who want to visit Petra in Jordan might be wondering where exactly Petra is. It is not completely lost in the desert! The name of the town next to the ancient city of Petra is Wadi Musa.

It‘s a sweet town placed on a hill going down to the visitor center of Petra. You can find all kind of accomodations here! From hostels to bnbs to hotels – just search the internet for what fits best to you.

I can highly recommend you to stay in the Arab Tower Hotel – I’d even call it ‚luxury‘ with this good price ? (and after the camps in Wadi Rum lmao). They have an indoor/outdoor pool & jacuzzi area down in the hotel. Additionally, you have an amazing view from the rooftop bar (plus good food) & even from some rooms. They gave one to us automatically, but I‘m sure if it‘s not fully booked, you can ask if you get one with a view ☺️

They offer a free shuttle to the visitor center where you can entrance Petra.

You can also walk down the hill within 20mins by feet ?

The entrance & costs

You can find Petra Visitor Center in Google Maps. Here is where you have to go and where you‘ll start. There are restrooms, food & beverage and souvenir shops. You need to buy a ticket here.

A ticket for Petra is: 50JD for one day, 55JD for two days, 60JD for three days. So I recommend you to take more than one day ☝? If you have the Jordan Pass, you don‘t have to buy anything here. But watch out, when you buy the Jordan Pass, you have to choose how many days you want to go into Petra.

Walking through Petra

If you want to visit Petra in Jordan, you better start early in the morning to avoid the major crowds. Starting from the entrance, it takes around 6 hours to go to the monastery and back, if you are tough ??

We walked the way from 7am-1pm. We hurried, but took enough time for photos everywhere. There are lots of other things to see, but it depends on how much time you have.

Leaving Petra

The bus station is right next to the visitor center – just a few steps up the street! The busses leave to Amman, Aqaba and Wadi Rum.

Useful tipps

A small hint: The people in Petra want your money. This is normal, because there are tons of visitors every year who leave their money there. Please don’t think the people in Petra are what is typical Jordanian – because of tourism, they are NOT like typical friendly and heartwarming Jordanians.

Also please don‘t use the ‚animal taxis‘ – this is so cruel.. The poor donkeys are walking up the stairs like stupid machines, and the people hit them and thrill them ?

Should I visit Petra in Jordan?

In conclusion, anyone who travels to Jordan should visit Petra ?

I believe everyone who’s addicted to traveling should see this wonder of the world at least once in a lifetime ☺️?


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