Top 5 Thailand beaches

These are my personal TOP 5 THAILAND BEACHES!
I have to warn you in advance: please do not go there in high season – all the places in Thailand that are easily accessible are full of tourists in high season! Because everyone wants to backpack Thailand and most of them will visit the main places.
If you go there between December and March, it will be horrible! Choose the low season, maybe with one or the other rainy day, and it will be much more peaceful there.

Top 5 Thailand beaches No #5: SUNRISE & SUNSET BEACH, Koh Lipe

Sooooo number 1 are the two mentioned beaches of Koh Lipe! They are definitely worth spending the sunrise / sunset there. Also you can find beautiful coral reefs, colourful fishes and with a little luck even turtles.
I could say those beaches are the ultimate honey moon beaches.
By the way, Koh Lipe is such a relaxed island in Thailand, not as crowded and loud as most of the well known islands.

To go there, you could choose one of those stunning resorts on
Sunset: Bayview Sunset / Bayview Hill Resort
Sunrise: Castaway Resort Koh Lipe / Salisa Resort / Wapi Resort

Top 5 Thailand beaches No #4: RAILAY BEACH, Krabi

I’m sure you’ve already heard a looot about this beach – and hey, it’s freaking beautiful! The sand is not the whitest, but the background with the green rocks looks like Jurassic Park!! Soooo amazing place to enjoy your Thailand holiday.
There’s another beach next to Railay Beach, which is named Tonsai Bay, and on the other side Ao Phra Nang Beach. Both are really lovely, but just have a look on google maps and decide for your own which one you want to go to!
There are also some attractions to visit, like Railay View Point, Princess Cave or Princess Lagoon.

Top 5 Thailand beaches No #3: MAE HAAD BEACH, Koh Phangan

This beach can be found on wonderful Koh Ma Island, a small island next to Koh Phangan. If there’s low tide, it is connected to the main island!
It’s so lovely, so if you are on Koh Phangan, please go there. The sunsets are stunning, and also the snorkeling conditions are perfect!
By the way, the name of the beach is Mae Haad Beach. The perfect little getaway!

Top 5 Thailand beaches No #2: KOH NANG YUAN, Koh Tao

This little sandbank in the north-west of Koh Tao is literally a jewel! As in every other place in Thailand, please be there before the masses – Koh Nang Yuan opens its doors at 10am I think – and within a few minutes it’s getting really full. So low season, or a secret tipp: book the hotel on the island, because it is only opened for day guests between 10am and 5pm or something like that. That means for the rest of the time, the hotel guests have the island for their own!

Attraction on the island? Definitely THE VIEWPOINT! You can enjoy a great view over the sandbanks between the three tiny islands. Also be careful here, either be the first or stay in the hotel, otherwise you will have to WAIT in line just to walk up there.

My gosh, this place is so lovely: Koh Nang Yuan Dive Resort

Top 5 Thailand beaches No #1: THE BEACH, Koh Phi Phi

I mean THE beach from the movie “the beach” with Leonardo Di Caprio! It is the most stunning beach I have ever seen in my whole life, with azure waters and a breathtaking scenery.
BUT: pleeeease do not go there in high season – under no circumstance – there will be too many tourists, it will be very stressful and it will damage nature as well!

Choose low season and you will enjoy beachvibes more than ever before in your life!
This tiny beach with all its beautiful rocks and white sands will warm your heart and cause you instant travel fever ?


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