My favorite european island: Malta

My Malta adventure

To me, Malta is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe!
You definitely HAVE to see it. With its cliffs and azure waters, it’s so dreamy and the smaller sister Island Gozo even feels like paradise.


Getting to Malta

From all over Europe, you can easily get to the island of Malta, because it has its own airport. With ryanair, you can even fly so cheap to the island. My flights costed 90€ return in July, which is high season. I’m sure if you choose off-season, the flights will be even cheaper.
You can use my guide to finding cheap flights with skyscanner here.

Where to sleep in Malta

In Malta, the best place to live and to start your adventures from is Sliema. In Sliema you can find all types of accommodations – from large hotel complexes to hostels, to very comfortable and cheap airbnbs.
Of course, there are also other nice places to sleep and start from. By the way, if you want to stay in Gozo, it doesn’t matter where your accomodation is, because the island is so small.
I always use Airbnb and Booking to find my perfect stay.

Driving Scooter in Gozo, Malta

How to move in Malta

Furthermore, moving around in Malta is very easy. I guess you have heard a lot about rental cars and scooters.
But I can tell you that I would keep this opportunity for moving on the calm sister island of Gozo – on Malta itself, traffic is so crazy. Not only that you have to drive at the left, but there are really crazy drivers.
So it’s better and more safe to go by BUS. I highly recommend using the bus. You can go EVERYWHERE to any location at the island by bus. No matter where you want to go, any way costs 2€. The shortest and the longest way by bus takes you 2€.

Cliffs Gozo

Where to party

If you want to party in Malta, there are 3 possibilities I really liked.

1. St. Julien’s, Paceville
First of all, there is Saint Julien’s. I have to admit I liked it best! It’s like one or more streets full of clubs, discos and (shisha) bars. The people who visit St. Julien’s are a good mix of everything. Or better: in St. Julien’s, you can find anyone who visits the island. 😉

2. Gianpula Village
It’s the largest open air club in malta. There are a number of clubs in the area of Gianpula – you can find different kind of music in the different clubs. I think there were electro, black and the large club with charts and club sounds.
I really liked Gianpula, but you have to know it’s kind of crowded and there are lots of very young people.

3. Café del mar
You simply have to see it yourself! 😀 If you really like the large beach clubs like example on spring break Europe, in Ibiza or Mallorca, you have to go here. Check it out! 🙂


Where to find adventure

If you already know me a little, you know the most important thing for me on holiday is ADVENTURE.
So I will tell you where to find it on the island:

Be sure to check out Dingli Cliffs, St. Peter’s Pool, the City of Valetta and the Blue Grotto.


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