About samyleaves

A blog from Sabrina Bornholdt

I am Sabrina Bornholdt – a 29 year old media engineer from Bavaria, southern Germany. I’m working as a webdesigner in a huge fashion company for 8 years now and I have to say that I love my job.
With my travelblog, I’m living my dream and my passion besides my fulltime career. On my Instagram @samyleaves and my blog¬†https://www.samyleaves.de/en I tell you about my budget travels around the world and show you how YOU can plan and afford it too!

So I created this blog to inspire you to travel, to prepare you for your travels and to accompany you on your journey.
Most of the influencers I know want to teach you how to leave your 9-5. I’m working at a 9-5 with some liberties, but traveling the world more often than most of the people I know!
So I don’t wanna teach you how to leave your fulltime job, but teach you how to travel on a budget despite your fulltime job.

How I started traveling

I discovered my passion for travel in 2016, when I spent 3 weeks in the Philippines. Somehow it was my destination because my colleague and I saw some beautiful insta posts about it. That meant my first distance travel, as well as my first time off work which was longer than 2 weeks.

Okay guys, the Philippines just awaked my traveller heart and seamed to heal my upset soul somehow. I have learned that there is so much more out there than my problems and fears. Yes. I have learned that mother earth and her nature is the most beautiful thing my heart has ever known. And I have learned that people who live in the simplest conditions and have no money and possessions are the most warm-hearted people I have ever met. And that all the small things have the biggest impact!

Now above all, I love travelling so much. As it’s my pleasure, my passion, my inspiration, my source of energy and the origin for my creativity.
On my journeys I meet different characters, various lifestyles, breathtaking nature and hear amazing stories. Without travel, I would be nothing.

Therefore, I just started writing about it. I hope this blog will be filled with a lot of good information for you soon! By the way, if you have any questions or if anything is missing, please contact me:

E-Mail: samyleaves@gmail.com
Insta: samyleaves
Facebook: samyleaves